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In September I published my Shortlist of 3D Printers for Creative Professionals. Since then I’ve been able to test and review some printers of that list: the Builder Dual Feed, Cyrus & ZYYX.

But I’ve also been keeping track of the 3D Printers you’ve mentioned in comments, tweets and e-mails, and in the short survey that’s in my Newsletter Subscription Form to get an idea about the printers you’d like me to review.

I’ve made a top 5:


#1 | Leapfrog Creatr HS

You might have read in other posts that I’m still planning to review the Creatr HS, but that it’s shipping date was delayed. I haven’t hear any updates from Leapfrog, so I guess it still is, but I’ll check it out.


#2 | Formlabs Form 1+

A completely different 3D printer than the ones I’ve tested so far. It uses the Stereolithography (SLA) technique of hardening liquid resin with a laser instead of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF). This allows or extremely detailed prints. I understand that both this technique and the aesthetics of the printer itself appeal to Creative Professionals that want to get into 3D Printing.

I’ve been in contact with Formlabs. They didn’t have machines to spare for reviews last month, but I will keep in contact with them to know when this changes.

Ultimaker 2 Review

#3 | Ultimaker 2

I’ve been using Cura daily for the Builder Dual Feed Review, so I got a bit of the Ultimaker experience.  I’ve been trying to get in contact with Ultimaker ever since publishing my shortlist, but somehow communication doesn’t go smoothly.

I’ll contact them one last time, because a lot of you want to see the UM2 reviewed. Hopefully I’ll get through.


#4 | Flashforge Dreamer

I didn’t know this one, but after some research I understand why you’re interested. It’s a completely enclosed dual extrusion 3D printer that can print both ABS and PLA. On top of that, it seems to be very affordable.

I’ve reached out to Flashforge to see if they’re interested in lending me a machine for review.

Zortax M200 3D Printer Review

#5 | Zortrax M200

This one also got a lot of requests. I still like the idea of the printer combined with the custom slicer software, so I’ll try to contact Zortrax again to see if they’ve changed their policy on lending out machines for review.


These 3D Printers where also mentioned more than once:

Please let me know which one you would like me to review in the comments below or fill out the survey in my Newsletter Subscription Form.


Nick Lievendag

Entrepreneur at the intersection of Creativity × Technology — 3D Expert.

6 thoughts to “3D Printer Review Request Top 5”

  1. I will be interested to see what you make of the Form 1. Had one for two weeks now and I’ve been very impressed. Thanks to your blog I’m looking at getting a big builder to go alongside it for larger jobs.

    Please keep up the reviews! It’s great to have detailed objective views from a user to allow a comparison of printers.

  2. Hi Nick;

    i enjoy reading your website, you’ve posted some great reviews!

    I have an Ultimaker 2 with some mods,and I’m more than happy to drive over and let you play with it for a day. i can answer all your quesitons you might have and be happy to help you work on an article and share all my experiences if that helps you..


    1. Thanks for the offer, Korneel.

      But if Ultimaker isn’t willing to even reply to my e-mails, I’m not really interested in putting my spare time into an Ultimaker 2 Review.



  3. Hi Nick;

    well, if you want my 2 cents..
    their printer is fantastic. honestly, i have a lot of friends that are into 3d printing as well and they all get a bit jealous when they can play with my UM2 and they really kick themselves for not buying an UM2 instead of whatever they bought..

    that being said, customer service is interesting. when you call them, great and friendly people. if you use the forum, you will get a reply fairly soon. either from community members or people within UltiMaker.
    if you mail them. you’ll get an answers. eventually. but can take quite a while. 3 weeks is not an exception…

    great pinter, customer service is weird.

    1. In my opinion both are equally important for professionals who want to get into 3D printing, but have little experience with it. Hope they will reply within 3 weeks 🙂

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