How to add a 360° Photo in Tilt Brush

I saw a question on the Google Product Forum of Tilt Brush about adding a 360 degrees photo (from a Rico Theta S, LG 360, Samsung Gear 360 or Google Photo Sphere) as an environment.

I totally expect Google to add this feature in the future, but I have made workaround for now in the form of a simple 3D sphere with a texture you can replace with your own photo.


Download Tilt Brush 360 Photo



  1. Resize your 360-degrees Photo to a power of two width — 4096 x 2048 pixels gives good results.
  2. Save it as tiltbrush-360.jpg, overwriting the existing image file (placeholder photo © Mark Doliner)
  3. Copy the “360 Photo” folder to Tilt Brush / Media Library / Models
  4. Open Tilt Brush
  5. Set your Environment to Black (unless you like to have a black floor plane)
  6. Go to the icon with the 3 dots on the palette and then Media Library, load the model
  7. Click it again to import it into your scene (it’s black on the outside)
  8. Use the Grip Buttons on the Vive controllers to scale the sphere around you, until it feels right. You should see the texture now!

Happy Brushing!




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Nick Lievendag

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6 thoughts to “How to add a 360° Photo in Tilt Brush”

  1. Thanks a lot ! I’ve been asking this question around on many forums including Google’s TiltBrush. I’ll let you know how I managed with your solution.

  2. Hello Nick!

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I tried importing my panorama image that is sized to those dimensions but it doesn’t show up in the models folder for some reason. The file naming is consistent with the directions, but the only step I am missing is the rewriting part. There was no image to rewrite in the 360 Photo folder. I actually had to create one. Just wanted to ask and see how I can troubleshoot this. The image does import if I place it in the Images folder.

  3. Hi,
    To clarify…where are you meant to ‘overwrite the existing image file’? is it in a root folder somewhere?
    If you place the tiltbrush-360.jpg file in a 360 Photo folder in media Library/Models it doesnt show up/can’t be seen? Any solution to this?

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