Technology Consultant…

I’ve always had a strong passion for creative and commercial projects that make use of cutting-edge technologies. Because of my experience in 3D design and animation, I started experimenting with other emerging 3D technologies, like 3D printing and virtual reality.

One technology that especially drew my attention a few years ago was 3D reality capture, also known as 3D scanning. I could clearly see the potential of this for creative projects. Because I could only find information about how to use 3D scanning for engineering projects, I started researching and blogging about how it can be used for other, more innovative purposed on the website that became

Today, that website is not only a rich source of information about “3D scanning beyond engineering” but also the starting point for my work as a 3D technology consultant. I give advice to companies that want to start using 3D capture to enhance their product, workflow or service but also to manufacturers and developers of 3D capture hardware and software that want to reach a wider audience.

… with a Creative Background

What makes me unique in the field of 3D capture is that I don’t have a background in engineering, but instead have worked as a creative professional over the last 11 years. Since my MA graduation in 2007, I’ve applied my passion for creating concept-driven visual work to various commercial disciplines, including (motion) graphic design, web, animation, video and visual effects.

I started working as a freelance motion graphics designer and later started my studio, Frame Fridge, which evolved into Captain Motion, a studio I co-founded in 2012. There I serve the role of creative director, overseeing the direction of our marketing video productions and making sure that all involved creative talent (art director, graphic designers, sound designers, voice over artists and music producers) are on the same page and deliver timely.

I live and work in the the wonderful city of Haarlem, The Netherlands.