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I believe that everyone should reinvent him or herself every year. Taking time to look back and look ahead. Reflecting on what you have learned and deciding on how that knowledge can be used to improve your future. Setting new goals and priorities.

I have recently discovered that having a baby girl around reduces spare time significantly. This has lead to my decision that I won’t be reviewing 3D Printers for a while, since that’s very time consuming work if you want to do it as thorough as I do. I still have plans to write about 3D printing, but my future posts will focus less on 3D printers and more on 3D printing itself and the creative possibilities it offers.

Another decision I’ve made for my blog is to expand it’s scope with another subject that has made me very excited over the past few months: Virtual Reality. Here’s why:

I get excited when new innovations become available that are on the intersection of Creativity & Technology. And while 3D Printing is evolving beyond the tinkerer-audience, it’s not the only exciting technology that has been rapidly evolving lately. Another technology that has been around for decades, but is suddenly developing at lightning speed is Virtual Reality – or VR. An while I think that 3DP has a long way to go before making it’s way into the lives of the general public, VR is shaping up to do that right now.

In the summer of 2014, Google introduced it’s Cardboard VR concept and Oculus was acquired by Facebook. A few weeks ago the Samsung Gear VR was released and only days ago both LG and Mattel released VR accessoires for phones. Those devices will al be available to consumers this year and even the Oculus Rift is expected to launch this winter.

While I haven’t found ways to incorporate 3DP into my business – an Animation Studio called  Captain Motion – the possibilities VR offers for our work is very clear. While VR may sound like something that’s limited to gaming, it’s also a perfect technology for offering cinematic experiences, like animation. Oculus even founded an internal Story Studio to explore just that!

Because of my limited spare time, I expect that I will be exploring VR more than 3D Printing this year. But the cool thing is that because of VR, I have finally found a way to integrate it into our business: We’re currently developing our own Cardboard-compatible VR headset that we can use to better explore the possibilities of this technology:



Why writing about VR?

Well, over the years I’ve discovered that writing about a subject greatly helps me to understand it and is a perfect catalyst for learning. It worked for 3D Printing, so I’m betting it will work for Virtual Reality as well!

What to expect

As with my 3D Printing posts, I’m going to write about the hardware & software as well as the design & development aspects of VR! First up will be a Review of Google Cardboard, that I’ve been playing with for a while now and in the near future I will also Review the Oculus Rift. The Development Kit 2 has arrived at our studio a week ago, but we still have to make some time to thoroughly test it. 


Christmas is early this year! #VR #Oculus #OculusRift #DK2

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