Expert Tips for 3D Printing Beginners

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I was flattered when I was asked by Yves and Michel from to be featured as one of 11 3D Printing Experts to give a few tips for people who are just starting out with their 3D Printing hobby.

They did a great job to create a post with almost 50 tips from experts all over the world, covering 3D printers, filament, software and other relevant topics.

My tips are

  • Focus on user experience instead of metrics when buying a 3D Printer.
  • Explore the world of exotic filament.
  • Explore design tools and start creating yourself!

Of course those are just the titles! The full text – and the tips by the other 10 3D printing experts –  is in the post which has become a very interesting resource, not only for beginners, but for everyone interested in 3D Printing.


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Nick Lievendag

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3 thoughts to “Expert Tips for 3D Printing Beginners”

  1. Hi Nick,
    Thanks again for having participated in putting this together. You provided some great insights! The post seems to have hit a nerve as it is being shared quite widely 🙂

  2. Nick, I can agree with two tips. It is really worth to explore different filaments. But you must remember that some printers don’t allow to use third party materials. So coming back to your tip #1 you should select a printer that allows at least to use any material.
    And your third tip is obvious as one can not expect to find ready to print project of all 3D objects.

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