How 3D Scanning was used to create the worlds of Star Wars Battlefront

A few months a ago I wrote a feature post about How 3D Scanning was used to create the Visual Effects for the Gotham TV Series because I like both 3D scanning and am a big fan of everything Batman. There is, however, one other piece of fiction that I’m drawn to even more: Star Wars. So I was waiting for an opportunity to write a feature post about a combination of 3D scanning and the Galaxy far, far away.

And then, last week, I came across this post by the Swedish game developer DICE, responsible for games like the successful Battlefield series, Mirror’s Edge, and the latest iteration of Star Wars Battlefront.

One thing that sets this “next gen” (it’s available for Playstation 4 & XBOX One) iteration of Battlefront apart from its predecessors is the stunning visual quality—especially of the wide open worlds that are very recognizable for Star Wars fans. With very realistic representations of the planets Hoth, Tatooine, Endor and Sullust, this game is the best way to interactively immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe. Or as Wired puts it: “Star Wars Battlefront Plays Like You’re Watching the Movie.”

Let’s take a look at what this means through an in-game screenshot before I continue:

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3D Scanning in Gotham Visual Effects

Sometimes you stumble across content that resonates with you in a special way, because it contains a combination of things you like. In this case it’s a combination of Visual Effects (VFX), 3D Scanning and Batman.

I’m not just fan of everything Batman (allright, most things since the v. Superman movie)—I am Batman.

I also really like Visual Effects. So much I wrote my Masters thesis about it once. VFX-heavy movies like Star Wars, Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park are pretty much what got me into doing 3D work. I did some VFX work over the years and liked making my own VFX Breakdowns. That’s of course nothing compared to those of studios that make high-end effects on a full-time basis, like this VFX Reel from Gotham—the popular Batman-based TV series—by CoSa VFX: Read More