Creative Professional with a passion for Technology & Storytelling

Since my MA graduation in 2007, I’ve applied my passion for creating concept-driven visual work to various creative disciplines, including (motion) graphic design, photography, animation, visual effects and video production.

I started working as a freelance motion designer for the TV and theater industry. In 2012, I co-founded motion design and animation studio Captain Motion where I served the role of creative director. Besides directing teams of creative professionals, I’ve been responsible for the project management, budgeting and communication with clients.

In 2016, I founded This website is not only a rich source of information about the creative and commercial possibilities of 3D reality capture, but has also been the starting point for my work as a 3D technology consultant. I have consulted many international companies that want to start using 3D capture to enhance their product, workflow or service.

I’m currently working as a creative producer at Univate, managing clients and a team of talented designers and developers to create cutting-edge audiovisual experiences beyond the screen, including real-time 3D motion graphics for live events and interactive installations.

For more detailed information, please visit my LinkedIn profile.