Professional Experience

For over a decade I’ve worked independently as both an creative professional and a consultant in various creative and technical fields. I’ve done this for large and small clients from all over the world.

  • Creative Direction & Production (7+ years)
    I have directed many commercial audiovisual productions, including video and animation. For these projects I have been responsible for making sure other creatives (art directors, graphic designers, sound designers, animators, voice over artists and music producers) where on the same page creatively and delivered on schedule and within budget.

  • Consulting (3+ years)
    I consulted international companies on how to implement 3D capture technology in their product, workflow or service. My clients vary from studios working in creative production or interactive development to startups and large companies in e-commerce, retail, fashion, health care, and education. I also give advice to manufacturers and developers of 3D capture hardware and software.

  • Concept Creation & Copywriting (12+ years)
    For many of the creative productions I have been responsible for, I also created the concepts and have written the (voice over) scripts in English or Dutch.

  • 2D & 3D (Motion) Graphic Design, Animation, Video & VFX production (15+ years)
    I have produced many audiovisual productions to support marketing and communication on TV, online, on stage and in stores. Here I always pushed the enveloppe both conceptually and technically.